October 2012

News of the brothers in Bangladesh

Two of us have just come back from a very beautiful meeting for young adults, nine hours by microbus from Mymensingh. Like last year, we had been invited to lead an evening of sharing and prayer during the three day national meeting of Catholic youth in Bangladesh. Three hundred and fifty young people took part, from all the dioceses of the country. Thanks to all the smaller youth meetings that we have organised over recent years (more than ten three day meetings in 2011 in the two diocese of North Bengal and in our own diocese of Mymensingh, plus the 6 or 7 one day meetings in the capital Dhaka during the same period) – thanks to these, we already knew many of the young people who had come to take part in this regional meeting, as well as a good number of the priests and sisters who have a ministry among the young in these regions. We received a very warm welcome and the prayer was very beautiful.

We had come with a small team of ten young people, most of them students living with us at the Taizé House in Mymensingh. These young people come from various regions of Bangladesh and because of that they belong to different ethnic groups. Also with us was a young adult from the Baptist Church who from the beginning of this year has been leading with us the meetings we have in the Baptist parishes in our region of Mymensingh.

The rainy season appears to be coming to an end and the sun comes out more often, which does all of us much good. Quite soon we shall be having the great Hindu festival the “Durga Puja”and a few days later (a coincidence in the calendar this year) the great Moslem feast of Eid, in memory of the sacrifice of Abraham.

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