Prayer by brother Alois after the tragic events in Paris

After hearing of the terrible events in Paris during the night of 13 to 14 November, which have come soon after those in Beirut, brother Alois prayed these words during the midday prayer at Taizé:

Eternal God, we want our thoughts and acts to be based on your presence which is the source of our hope. We entrust to you the victims of the attacks in Paris and in Beirut, and their families and friends as they mourn. With believers of all backgrounds we call upon your name and pray: may your peace come to our world.

The victims of the attacks in Paris and Beirut will also be prayed for during the intercessions of the evening prayer.

Brother Alois has also written a message to several Muslim friends in various cities in France.

Printed from: - 21 September 2018
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