Unaccompanied Minors Welcomed

A reception and orientation center for minors at Ameugny, organized by the Taizé Community

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, November 3, a group of unaccompanied underage migrants arrived in Saône-et-Loire, after the closure of the Calais camp. The group includes fifteen teenagers, 13 to 17 years old, mostly from Sudan but also from Syria and Eritrea.

This welcome has been prepared by the Taizé Community, which provides the venue, offers volunteers and logistics, in collaboration with the association "Le Pont" ("The Bridge") in Mâcon, which is taking care of all the administrative procedures. Before the arrival of the young migrants, the mayor of Ameugny and the village council had previously informed the inhabitants.

These young unaccompanied minors were welcomed last night on their arrival by the mayor of Ameugny, some village residents, staff of "Le Pont", the Taizé team and several young refugees from Sudan, welcomed last year by the community. The prefect of Saone-et-Loire was represented by his Chief of Staff, Ms. Germain.

On November 3, the prefecture published the following statement:

"This offer of shelter is temporary and estimated to last three months. It allows accommodation in optimal conditions of safety and health before these young people can be directed either to the UK or be enabled to benefit from the provisions of the law. They will benefit, first of all, from the ongoing investigation by the British authorities of their request for family unification. It is guaranteed that their cases will be dealt with within 3 to 6 weeks."

The welcoming team

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