Riga 2016

A sign for the environment put into action

In the “Proposals for 2016” that were introduced at Valencia, brother Alois wrote, amongst the concrete suggestions linked to “The Courage of Mercy”:

How can we express our solidarity with the whole of creation? By making decisions that affect our daily lives, by giving serious consideration to our activities as consumers or citizens, by making a conscious choice for a simpler lifestyle. Simplifying our way of life can be a source of joy.

The meeting in Riga can be a good occasion for taking care of creation, for example in the emphasis put on using public transport, and recycling waste.

A practical sign can be prepared by everyone taking part: by bringing a cotton bag to the meeting, to hold the meals, thus avoiding the need to distribute plastic bags. Each person should therefore remember to bring a cotton bag, as well as a bowl and spoon. This will considerably reduce the amount of non-recyclable plastic waste.

At Taizé, since last year, plastic bags have been replaced by cotton ones, in the shop and exhibition place.

Some young people from Ukraine, Poland and Italy have created a Facebook page [https://www.facebook.com/events/1425936431039185/] to inform about this initiative.

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