Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

On the occasion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, a special prayer took place at Taizé on Wednesday 18 January at 6pm, with the young people present in Taizé that week and leaders of local churches.

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Welcome word from brother Alois

On this first day of the week of prayer for the unity of Christians, I welcome you to our Church of Reconciliation. With my brothers, I am happy to welcome you for this time of prayer. And I thank for their presence the representatives of the Catholic, Orthodox, United Protestant, Anglican, Evangelical, Mennonite Churches. May our unity grow in Christ Jesus, so that the dynamic and the truth of the Gospel may shine out in the world.

Prayer intentions read by church leaders

The Church leaders have read the following prayer intentions:

  • Jesus Christ, you send your Church to prepare your way in the world. Inspire our deeds and our words, day after day, so that we may announce your Gospel around us.
  • Jesus Christ, light of the world, you enlighten every human being: give us to discern your presence in each one and to welcome you in our neighbor.
  • Jesus Christ, open our eyes to the sufferings of the most destitute of our time, the solitudes around us, so that we may live in solidarity with those entrusted to us.
  • Jesus Christ, universal brother, you are at the side of exiles, refugees, migrants. We entrust to you all those who are welcomed in our region and we pray especially for Samir, from Sudan.
  • Jesus Christ, grant us to learn to listen to you so that we can manifest together, more visibly in the eyes of all, your one Church - so the world can believe.
  • Jesus Christ, praise be to you for the Christian communities of our region. For the synod of the diocese of Autun. For the Orthodox parish of Chalon. For the Protestant churches in this year of commemoration of the Reformation.
  • Jesus Christ, like your disciples after the Resurrection, you make us brothers and sisters. Teach us to follow you and lead us on the path of life.
  • Jesus Christ, we entrust to you the peoples of the Middle East, the victims of violence, all those who do not see a future in their country. Be the support of those who seek justice and peace.

Prayer by brother Alois

Christ Jesus, we are gathered in your name. Help us to welcome the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation, who unites our voices in your presence. Towards the end of your life, you prayed, "Father, may they be one". Make of us witnesses of unity and bearers of reconciliation.

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