Council 2017

Prayer by brother Alois

As every year, the brothers met for their yearly council meeting from January 24-29. On Sunday evening, the council concluded with evening prayer together, including the prayer of "prostration" by which the brothers recall the day of their life-commitment. Beforehand, Brother Alois spoke the following prayer.

Concluding Prayer

We praise you, Christ Jesus, you are risen from the dead. You lead us in your steps to be witnesses to hope, peacemakers wherever we are, here in Taizé or in Senegal, Kenya, Korea, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cuba, and France .

These days you have renewed us in our vocation. We want to follow you, Jesus, gentle and humble of heart. Your Gospel invites us to develop a spirit of sharing, always seeking to simplify our way of life. So help us to focus on the essential, on the love and the continual presence of the Holy Spirit. Enable us to welcome this love, so that it touches our depths that are in need of conversion until our last breath. There lies the source of a joyous inner freedom.

When violence and the fear of the future seem to increase in the world, you enable us to stand firm in the hope that comes from your resurrection. For us it is like the anchor of our lives, sure and solid. Faith in you opens our eyes to see your presence in the world. And our prayer becomes more ardent: that the kingdom of God may be revealed and come for all human beings.

Risen Christ, your love impels us to seek the visible unity of Christians in order to be a ferment of peace in the world. It is when we go together to the wellspring that arises from your Passover that the dynamics of the Gospel unfold. Then we can welcome as a gift, with the necessary discernment, the great diversity between Christians. Enable us, the brothers, and all Christians, to consent to the sacrifices that reconciliation involves. Reawaken in our community the passion for unity; make us feel how urgent reconciliation is so that we do not stop creating trusting relationships between different traditions and so that an exchange of gifts may take place.

To prepare peace in the world, you encourage us to cause brotherhood to grow. We pray to you this evening for all those whom you entrust to us, through the welcome here in Taizé as well as in our fraternities, during the journeys and the stages of the pilgrimage of trust, for the refugees who live in our villages. Very often, through those whom we welcome, you open our hearts to your love, even without their knowing it. Keep us all in the spirit of the Beatitudes, joy, simplicity, and mercy.

And now, after the next song, those brothers who have made their life-commitment will lie on the ground to recall their offering to God.

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