16-23 July 2017, in Taizé

A week looking at the theme of migrations

During the week of 16-23 July 2017, alongside the usual youth meetings, there will be a group that looks especially at the theme of migration. It is a programme intended for young people (18-35) who have an interest, or who are already involved in the welcoming and accompaniment of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. The idea came out of a contact in Rome with the team whom Pope Francis has asked to coordinate the Catholic Church’s work with migrants.

The programme will include meetings led by experts and people with first-hand experiences to share, times of exchange, and a forum with some European political leaders. We would be very happy if those who know Taizé and who are in touch with refugees, can invite some of them to come with them for this week. If you are interested in this meeting, or if you have a speaker to suggest, please contact the team at solidarity taize.fr


Sunday 16/07 to Sunday 23/07/2017

Registration and contribution to cover costs

As for the normal meetings at Taizé. Please put the mention “Reflection Week” in the box “Group Name”.


Please find the final programme in this PDF file:
PDF - 117.7 kb

Sunday 16 July

  • 15:30 welcome of participants
  • 19:00 supper with all participants in the youth meetings
  • 20:30 evening prayer
  • 21:30 words of welcome and introductions

Monday 17 - Saturday 22 July
The main part of the day you will follow the programme of the normal youth meetings [en_article13881.html#schedule]
Special sessions for participants in the week looking at the theme of migration will be held between 15:00 and supper each day.

Some of the special sessions


  • 15:00 Practical information and words of welcome by brother Alois
  • 15:15 The role of the churches in looking after migrants: Father Michael Czerny (Canada/Italy), of the Migrants and Refugees Section [https://migrants-refugees.va/] at the Vatican.
  • 16:00 Small group discussion
  • 17:30 Workshops


  • 15:00 What is at stake in migrations today? — with Catherine Wihtol de Wenden (France), former research director at the CNRS [http://www.cnrs.fr/index.php].
  • 16:15 Workshops
  • 17:30 Workshops


  • 15:00 Personal testimony: Archbishop John Sentamu (Uganda/Britain), Archbishop of York.
  • 15:30 The politics of migration and accompaniment of refugees: Pascal Brice (France), director of the French Office for the protection of refugees and stateless persons (OFPRA).
  • 16:30 Small group discussion (in the same groups as Monday)
  • 17:30 Workshops


  • 15:00 Forum with some European political representatives
  • 16:30 International snack (sharing of food from different countries)
  • 17:30 Workshop
  • 21:30 Talk by brother Alois after evening prayer


  • 15:00 Forum with various people involved in the accompaniment of migrants
    - Petra Feil (Germany/Switzerland), of the World Lutheran Federation, Geneva
    - Amaya Valcarcel (Spain/Italy) of the Jesuit Refugee Servoce, Rome
    - Johannes Maertens (Belgium/France), of the Maria Skobtsova House [https://catholicworkerfrance.wordpress.com/2016/01/20/saint-maria-skobtsova/] in Calais.
    - Odette Kobana (France), of the "Réseau Chrétiens Immigrés"


  • 15:00 Final session all together
  • 15:45 Small group discussion (in the same groups as Monday and Wednesday)
  • 17:30 Workshop

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