Basel 2017

On social media

On social media

Daily news, links of importance, photos and testimonies of participants will be published through these social media:

  • Facebook []
  • YouTube []
  • Twitter []
  • Instagram []

If you put photos or feedback about the meeting online, please use the hashtag #Taize

Prayers streamed live

  • The media team wants to set up a live stream of the evening prayers, and needs help to do so. If you are participating in the meeting and think you may be able to help, please make contact by email.
  • Radio RCF (French Catholic Radio) will broadcast the evening prayers live. For the programme it will broadcast live on 31 December, from 9pm until after midnight, the RCF team is looking for young people ready to tell of their experience of the meeting, and of their hopes for the future. If you can help, please contact RCF (even in English) by email.

On the Taizé website

Here is some of the content shared in recent months on Taizé’s various social networks:





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