Summer 2018

Workshops during the special week for 18-35s

From 19 to 26 August, the next Reflection week for 18-35 year-olds will be held in Taizé.

As the event approaches, information about the workshops and forums being prepared for this week will be added on this page.

Care for the Creation and Justice

Ruth Valerio, Global Advocacy and Influencing Director of Tearfund [] describes herself as a ‘community activist, Christian, academic, eco-warrior, mum, author, vegetable grower, wife and pig-keeper’! She lives in Chichester (UK), where she is part of Revelation Church.

She and he daughter, Mali, will lead a workshop with the title, Restoring relationships with God, with each other, and with creation — what can we do about poverty, inequality and climate change?

Ruth writes: “When I was younger, I started to become more aware of environmental issues. I read a lot, but it was mostly non-Christian writings. American ecologist Aldo Leopold, said, ‘One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds.’ When I read that, I burst into tears, thinking, ‘This is me: I’m living alone – no one else understand this world of wounds.’ Then I discovered that there are other people who carried the same burden – I wasn’t on my own. Now I am part of a whole crowd of people, including Tearfund, who are interested in caring for God’s earth.”


Andres, Musaab and Elizabeth work at Cornerstone Day Centre [], a Christian charity in Manchester (UK), and will be leading a workshop: Connecting with people who have nothing, not even a place to sleep.

They write, “We offer a compassionate service within a safe environment for people who face an immediate crisis in their life. Our emergency accommodation provides homeless people a small and basic shelter, from which we are able to nurture people and provide respite from the street.”

Deciding what to do ...

The Sisters of St Andrew [], who have been living and working at Taizé for many years, will lead a workshop on discernment: Invent with your God the future he gives to you - how to make choices in life

Arms trade

Nick Cooper, member of LcN putdownthesword [], Nora Ziegler, of the London Catholic Worker LcN lndncathworker [], and Henrietta Cullinan, writer, peace activist and Pax Christi [] member will lead us in a reflection: No faith in War: Christians challenge the global arms trade

Human trafficking

Working to stop Human trafficking: What is it? What is already being done to help victims of trafficking? What can I do? — with Ruth Dearnley (pictured) CEO of Stop the Traffik [] and Phil Lane, director of OASIS Belgium []

Christian Community Living

A conversation with young adults who are committed in various forms of community. They will share the form, the difficulties and the encouragements of their ways of life. How do their lives resonate with our own desire for community?

Young members of four very different communities will contribute to the forum:
- Little Sisters of Jesus [] (Austria and Poland)
- The Bruderhof [] (Darvell, UK)
- Nomadelfia [] (Italy)
- Fraternité des Parvis (Maison Madeleine Delbrêl) [] (Lille, France)

Icons and more...

Icons, cosmos, physics and light – a pathway of wonder to the Divine: practical and thought experiments. With Constantina Alexander [], amateur astronomer, tutor in mathematics, and icon painter.

Christians in Politics

Andy Flannagan [], a London-based, Irish singer-songwriter and director of Christians in Politics [] will lead workshops with the title “Christians and Politics – Commentating or Participating?” A concert is also planned!

African Prisons Project

Alexander McLean (UK) and Susan Kigula (Uganda) will be in the team presenting a workshop from the African Prisons Project []: Prisoners studying law in order to defend themselves and others. Watch this short video to get to know this amazing project:

... more to come!

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