Reflection week for 18-35 year-olds

Presenters for Programme on the Environment

From August 25 to September 1, 2019, as part of the reflection week for 18-35 year-olds, a special programme will be offered on environmental questions: "Solidarity with Creation | Let us take care of the earth!" Here is a list of presenters which will be updated regularly.

Political leaders, scientists, representatives of civil society

  • Carola Schouten (Netherlands), minister of agriculture
  • Philippe Lamberts (Belgium), member of European parliament
  • Pierre Larrouturou (France), member of European parliament
  • Gert Jan Segers (Netherlands), political leader

  • Aura Lolita Chavez (Guatemala), indigenous militant working for the respect of natural resources
  • Yeb Saňo (Philippines), executive director of Greenpeace Southeast Asia
  • Adélaide Charlier (Belgium), Youth For Climate at Brussels

  • Jean Jouzel (France), climatologist, former vice-president of the scientific committee of the GIEC (United Nations)
  • Maurizio Tira (Italy), urbanist, rector of the University of Brescia

  • Tomas Insua (Argentina), executive director of Global Catholic Climate Movement
  • Jean-François Mouhot (France) director of A Rocha France
  • Jacques Crahay (Belgium), president of the Union Wallonne des Entreprises
  • Delphine Chouvet (France) business leader Valoristes bourguignons
  • Reijnder de Feijter (Netherlands) of Ocean Cleanup

Some workshop topics

  • Andreas Streit (Germany) on the protection of biodiversity
  • Dorothea Seeger (Germany) on the pollution of the oceans
  • Geraldo Pimentel (Brazil) on energy transition
  • Nicholas Cooper (England) & Margriet Bos (Netherlands) on climate resistance
  • Jean-Paul Janssens (Belgium) on the use of energy in buildings
  • Robert Beyer (Germany) on food in the world and climate change
  • Cécile Richard (France) of Hommes de Terre on agronomy
  • Jean-Emmanuel & Claire Poumailloux (France) & Noé Mercier (France) on permaculture

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