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The mp3 files below were recorded live in the church at Taizé, during the community prayers. Recordings of a better quality, with instruments, have been made for various CDs.
These recordings are also available for legal download, both
- on the Taizé music download area;
- and from main digital outlets, where they are listed with the single word “Taizé” (with or without accent) as the artist name. Click here [http://www.believe.fr/labels/2833,taize.html] for more details.

MP3 CD version on the album(s)
Bóg jest miłością
Taizé – Instrumental 2; (Venite exultemus)
Taizé – Instrumental 2; (Venite exultemus)
Dominus Spiritus est
Christe Lux Mundi; Taizé – Instrumental 3
Christe Lux Mundi; Taizé – Instrumental 3
Frieden, Frieden
Christe Lux Mundi; Taizé – Instrumental 3
Christe Lux Mundi; Taizé – Instrumental 3
Jesu redemptor
Venite exultemus; Taizé – Instrumental 2
Venite exultemus; Taizé – Instrumental 2
L’ajuda vindrà del Senyor
Laudate omnes gentes; Taizé – Instrumental
Laudate omnes gentes; Taizé – Instrumental
Sit nomen Domini
Christe Lux Mundi
Christe Lux Mundi
Sto oko ne vidje
Mane nobiscum
Mane nobiscum
Tu sei sorgente viva
Venite exultemus; Taizé – Instrumental
Venite exultemus; Taizé – Instrumental
Viešpatie, tu viską žinai
Christe Lux Mundi
Christe Lux Mundi

Prayers in Taizé

A few minutes of prayer with song and a bible verse recorded live in Taizé, France. (Duration: approx 10 mins. Material recorded usually a few days prior to the publishing date.)

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16 January 2020
2020-01-16 : Alleluia 7 + Ps. 40 / 1 Jn 2,24-28 / Veni Sancte Spiritus / Prayer by Brother Alois / Nada te turbe
9 January 2020
2020-01-09 : Alleluia (orthodoxe) / Gn 12, 1-2 / Bóg jest miłością / Prayer by Brother Alois / Dona nobis pacem
1 January 2020
2020-01-01 : Alleluia 17 + Ps. 18/ Mt 8, 18-22 / Pan jest mocą / Prayer by Brother Alois / Seigneur, tu gardes mon âme
25 December 2019
2019-12-25 : Gloria ... et in terra pax / Lc 2,1-14 / In te confido / Prayer by Brother Alois / Da pacem cordium
19 December 2019
2019-12-19 : Maranatha, le Seigneur vient + Psalms 102 / Rm 12,3-8 / Behüte mich, Gott / Prayer by Brother Alois / Christe Salvator

Saturday evening prayer broadcast from Taizé

Every Saturday the evening prayer from Taizé is retransmitted at 22:00 Central European Time (20:00 GMT Apr.-Oct.; 21:00 GMT Nov.-Mar.) on Domradio [https://www.domradio.de/mediathek/audios/all/55], a Catholic radio station in Cologne.

The bells in Taizé


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