Germany 2010

Taizé brothers take part in Ecumenical Kirchentag in Munich

As every year during the Catholic or Protestant Church congresses in Germany, brothers were present for the second ecumenical Kirchentag in Munich.

On Friday night, there was a “night of light”, a large evening prayer with songs from Taizé held in one of the large halls at the Olympics center. 6000 people were able to enter, and many others followed the prayer outside the hall through loudspeakers.

During the prayer, Brother Alois said, “Each one of us can communicate hope in Christ to others.”

Besides the “night of lights”, there was a “Taizé meeting-point” in the Olympics center. Julia, who helped there, writes:

“During the congress, there was a “youth center” in the events’ area with lots of interesting possibilities for young people. In the midst of all the activity, there was a hall where hourly prayers were held with the brothers and the young people present. Attracted by the large icon that could be seen through the open doors of the hall, visitors stopped by and remained for the prayer. Many knew Taizé only from the songs or not at all, and asked questions after the prayer about what Taizé was and how they could take part in a youth meeting. We also often heard how beautiful it was to find a quiet space in the midst of a busy day of meetings and to stop for half an hour of prayer.”
Last updated: 25 May 2010