Information for young people who live in another African country


To help the meeting to succeed, it will be good to dispose ourselves beforehand to respect and to enter into the way of life of those who will be our hosts.

Widening our prayer and asking God to prepare us to recognise the treasures of humanity which are present even at the heart of very difficult situations is one practical way to begin this preparation.

Passport and visa:
Depending on your nationality, it is necessary to obtain a visa or an agreement for its delivery on arrival before travelling. Further information is available at:

Contribution to cover costs:
Those who do not live in Rwanda, should please check the level of their contribution with Taizé.

Please send us details of your trip.

Registration Deadline:
1st October, 2012 through your parish or chaplaincy

Group leaders can download the registration form:

Download the flyer information:

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