Meetings in Nairobi: August 2011


From 3 to 14 August 2011, 160 young adults from Kenya, different countries of East Africa and the Great Lakes region took part in two international retreats led by the Taizé brothers in Nairobi.

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Small sharing group

“Another time, you should invite some of our leaders! If they also could experience this simplicity of life that does not prevent joy or peace, and if many other people could discover this too, that would be of great help to our country!”, one of the young people confided spontaneously on the second day of the retreat.

Most of the participants pointed out two things that they found most significant: the experience of a prayer that goes on for some time, with silence and repetitive songs, and the opportunity to establish friendships that go beyond the barriers of language, culture and denomination.

The participation of groups of young Egyptians, Chinese (Hong Kong) and French broadened still farther the diversity of these meetings. Everyone gave a warm welcome to the young people from Rwanda who invited them to prepare for the next African stage of the “pilgrimage of trust” which will take place in Kigali from 14 to 18 November 2012.

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Repairing a chapel at the centre

Next international retreats with the Taizé brothers in Nairobi:
Dates: 7-11 and 14-18 December 2011.
Theme: “Believing in forgiveness makes us more free. Receiving and sharing God who comes into the world.”
Contact: Brothers of Taizé, Mji wa furaha, Thika road, Nairobi.
Tel:+254(0)724 664 198

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Visiting “places of hope”: the snack bar set up by young people in the parish of Babadogo

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A group miming one of the parables

Last updated: 19 August 2011