Meetings in Nairobi : December 2011

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Between 7 and 18 December 2011, 120 young adults: Catholics, Lutherans and Presbyterians from five countries of East Africa took part in two meetings led by Brothers of Taizé at Mji wa furaha – Nairobi.

During the period before Christmas public transport is saturated. This however did not discourage the participants from setting out to get to Nairobi. The three young people from Bukoba, on the west coast of Lake Victoria, had to spend a night in order to cross the biggest lake in Africa and then a second night in order to reach the Kenyan capital. Those who came from the Democratic Republic of Congo made a stop over at Kigali and then travelled on with the people from Rwanda.

During the two meetings, the mornings were devoted to Bible reflection and sharing on the theme “Welcoming God who comes into the world, and believing in forgiveness makes us more free”. The reflection was continued in the afternoons with the presentation of sketches on seeking reconciliation, and testimonies from participants from different backgrounds on he challenges and responsibilities of young adults today in their local communities.

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Personal reflection

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Peter Kuria welcomes a group to the centre for street children with drug problems.

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Singing at the end of washing up

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Visit to Nyumba ya wazeel

Last updated: 27 December 2011