The information below is intended for those bringing a youth group to Taizé, but it’s valid for anyone.

Please explain well to all group members about

- the simple lifestyle in Taizé

- the daily programme

- community prayer: morning, midday and evening.

It can be helpful to:

- learn some of the songs;

- see a video about the meetings;

- hear the experiences of other young people who have already visited Taizé.

- read some of the articles in the section Bible and faith

Everyone must be ready to participate fully in the different aspects of the week’s meetings.

If you want to find a young person in your area who has been to Taizé and who could visit your group, then write to ask us.

Can you involve your local church in the preparation of your group? Is it possible to have a departure prayer or take part in a regular time of worship in church before leaving? Why not take a step of “solidarity” before coming?

Please bring a Bible.

Musicians: bring wind instruments, ’cellos, classical guitars which may be used during weekend services.

If you’re a group leader, please see the page Bringing a group of young people. You can then pre-register your group. Please do this as soon as you can, even if you don’t know how many people you’ll be bringing.

Even before you travel to Taizé, we suggest you fix a meeting in the weeks after your visit to gather the group once again. This will enable you to reflect together on what was important for each group member and how those experiences might help in everyday life.

Last updated: 1 October 2012

Whether you’re coming alone to Taizé, leading a youth group or travelling simply as a member of a group, preparation is always important.

Understanding more about the nature of the meetings before coming will make it easier to take part fully in the programme from the outset and to continue living from the experience afterwards in a pilgrimage of trust at home.