April 2012

Three international retreats

This April, the brothers of Taizé living in Kenya have led three international retreats, one in Mombasa and two in Nairobi. A hundred and sixty young people aged 18 to 30 from six East African countries attended.

"Let’s meet up in Kigali at the November meeting" on leaving the young people expressed their desire to continue the friendships made during the days punctuated by common prayer, reflection and sharing. African youth have the ability to create a festive atmosphere with very little: clapping, songs that get the body moving, some improvised jokes ... Before praying at the beginning of each meal everyone joins together in this way and sing a couple of songs.

Among the issues that came up, a few stood out: What can silence change in our lives? How can faith contribute to inner healing? How can we make communion more visible in our local churches? What opportunities are there for young people to create their own jobs?

Meditative prayer, visits to places of hope in the Korogocho shantytown, a daily hour of personal meditation, lived unity among young Christians from different countries and various churches are the aspects of the weekend that have most touched the participants.

The Rwandans presented the young people’s situation there and the importance of welcoming pilgrims from all countries at the meeting of November. "We want to introduce the new Rwanda" The fourteen participants from Ngarua did not need convincing. They explained that they will close registration for Kigali on 1st May. Ninety young people have already brought their 90kg of corn to the parish to pay for their trip. The corn will be stored for several months and sold at the best moment depending on the market.

Last updated: 30 April 2012