Rwanda, September 2012

News of the preparation

The final phase of the preparation for the next African stage of the pilgrimage of trust has begun in Rwanda. Brothers from Taizé and two sisters of Saint Andrew have been in Kigali since the beginning of the September to welcome the young adults who make up the coordination team. In all, they number around twenty people from fifteen different nationalities.
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15/09, coordination meeting with representatives of the parishes

Based on the Youth Centre at Gatenga, this team will continue to visit and support the parish groups who are in charge of welcoming the people and of the morning program during the November gathering, but also of leading reflection and prayer meetings throughout the country. It is at Gatenga that the secretariat has been set up for receiving the registrations and the offers of accommodation and to communicate the latest news to the participants. (kigali taize.fr).

Rendez vous have been set up:

- for young people interested in the Kigali meeting, every Sunday at 16.00 for a song practice and a prayer at the Gatenga Centre chapel.

- for representatives of the parish preparation teams: Saturdays 15 September, 20 October and 3 November; for technical coordination; all at the Gatenga Centre.

Over and above all the necessary work of organisation, this is a matter of going forward together during these two months leading to the meeting, and to make ourselves available for receiving visitors and listening to the Spirit of Christ.

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The preparation of the food has begun; here sorting beans.

Last updated: 17 September 2012