Reflection: “Next year gathering can be a place of healing..." Ntombekhaya

Reflections on trust towards the Pilgrimage of trust 2019, Taizé - Cape Town.

Ntombekhaya has spent three month in Taizé (France), from February to May 2018. She shares some of her reflections and expectations around the upcoming meeting in Cape Town:

I expect the 2019 Pilgrimage of Trust in South Africa to help young people to connect their diversities. Coming from a very diverse city such as Cape Town, we need to gather from all races, colors, denominations or social backgrounds. As young people we often face the same challenges: unemployment, poverty, lack of hope. We still need places and moments of healing. Next year’s gathering can be a place of healing.

It can help us to see things differently even though changes will take long time. Indeed we know that the journey will be long but we have to be thankful for each step along the way and to be ready to welcome the changes when they come.

In Taizé I found myself uncomfortable with silence. I come from Gugulethu, a very lively and busy place where there is no room for silence. In fact I did not know it existed ! My perspective has now completely changed.

Now I find its great to take ten minutes of silence each morning to keep in touch with myself before keeping in touch with others and my community. This discovery helps me to see that faith allows me to embrace what I had previously defined without actually knowing it. I realize that what I have been shown to be is not the only way to be. It may not be always comfortable to discover that other ways of being are possible and beautiful.


Despite all issues we are facing, community life is still a reality. People are kind and welcoming. Even in hopelessness people are striving for a better life, not only for them, but also for their children and the future generations. The spirit of Ubuntu – I am because you are – is alive in South Africa. It is a way of being before a philosophy: My humanity is linked to yours. The fullness of my humanity can only be possible because of you. My success is ours and I can only win if we win. If you loose, I cannot win. Unless we win together I cannot be myself.

Last updated: 8 June 2018