Visits to United Arab Emirates (UAE) 2019

A brother will visit the UAE on two phases in October and November. The first phase will include meeting youth groups of various countries who are based there for job and studies like those from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Philippines and several countries of Africa. This will be a first visit to the UAE on the invitation of the Vicariate of Southern Arabia. Many young people are meeting regularly and preparing for the three prayers that will be held in Dubai, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi in November. In the Second phase the brother will animate three prayers in three different cities. For Abu Dhabi and Al Ain the prayer will be held in Al Ain on Nov 14, for Dubai, Jebel Ali and Sharjah the prayer will be in Dubai on the 15 November, and for Abu Dhabi on the 16 November. For details see below:

November 14
Time 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm
St. Mary’s Catholic Church
PO Box 15645
Al Ain
Contact person: Eugene Pereira: +971 50 806 5626

November 15
Time 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm
St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Bishop Gremoli Hall
247, Oud Medha Road
Bur Dubai Dubai.
Contact person: Orlando Fernandez: +971 50 727 7692

November 16
Meeting and prayer at Anglican Church 11am
St Andrew’s Church
PO Box 262 (on 17th Street)
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Contact person: Rev.Gill Nisbet, Associate Chaplain +971 508173234

November 16
Time 8pm to 10pm
Prayer in Abu Dhabi
Bishop Paul Hinder Golden Jubilee Hall

Last updated: 1 September 2019