Taizé Brothers in the USA in March 2020

Taizé brothers will be travelling in the USA in March 2020 for the following events.

Ann Arbor MI

Monday, March 9, 7pm, St. Mary Student Parish (Catholic)
focused on: "Always on the move ... fully present to those around us"

Tuesday, March 10, 7pm, First Baptist Church (American Baptist)
focused on: "Always on the move ... together with exiles"

Wednesday, March 11, 7pm, Campus Chapel (Christian Reformed)
focused on: "Always on the move ... as part of the whole creation"

Information: Stacey Simpson Duke staceyduke gmail.com 734-663-9376

Denver CO

Hospitality - Hospitalidad: A Pilgrimage of Trust

Sponsored by The Threshold, Regis University, The Rocky Mountain Synod of ELCA, US Central South Jesuits, The Jesuit Community of Arrupe Jesuit and Regis University

Saturday, March 14, The Regis University Chapel, 3333 Regis Blvd, Denver, CO 80221

9am – Community morning prayer in the Regis Chapel
9:45 – Large group gathering with the Brothers speaking in the Regis Chapel
11am – Small group discussions directed by the Brothers
12:30 – Break for lunch (bring your own, cafeteria on campus or locations down the street)
2pm – 3:15pm - Content Workshops
3:30pm – 4:45pm – Panel discussion with Brothers and others
5pm – Community afternoon prayer in the Regis Chapel
6pm – Dismissal

Sunday, March 15 – The Sanctuary of Calvary Baptist Church, 6500 E. Girard Ave., (Hampden and Monaco), Denver, CO 80224

Evening Prayer with the Brothers
4:45pm: Personal Silence begins
5pm: Sung prayer begins

Contact: Brad Berglund, 720.489.8073, brad illuminatedjourneys.com

Ongoing information and registration: www.thethreshold.us
(Please register – no cost – offerings received throughout the weekend to cover expenses)

San Diego CA

Thursday, March 19th

All Souls’ Episcopal Church, 1 475 Catalina Blvd, San Diego, CA 92107
Gathering in reception 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Program: Begins at 7:00pm. Prayer at 7.30 pm.

Contact: Rev. Eleanor Ellsworth 858-472-4966 or Rev. Daren Erisman 760-814-5171

Last updated: 14 February 2020