Safeguarding in Taizé


You will find in this article the procedures to follow should it become necessary to report a safeguarding concern affecting someone participating in the meetings in Taizé.

General reporting procedure

All participants read the following paragraph on arrival::

We want to do everything we can so that Taizé is a safe place for all. Everyone can help with this.

We take any kind of sexual abuse or any form of violence very seriously. If you subjected to or see anything of this nature, or notice any worrying behaviour, please go immediately to La Morada to ask for the person responsible for safeguarding questions.

This person can be contacted in La Morada or by calling or sending an sms to +33 7 49 04 75 85.

You can also speak someone else you trust: a group leader, one of the sisters in El Abiodh or the person in charge of the first aid point.

Anything that happens, whether recently or not, can also be communicated by writing to taize.safeguarding protonmail.com. You can also contact a hotline number in your own country. (for example:UK +44 800 1111, the Childline service of the NSPCC; US +1-800-422-4453 to reach the ChildHelp hotline)

What should I do if something happens?

Remember that for anyone, it is normal to feel nervous or unsure about mentioning any kind of abuse or suspicious behaviour. Letting us know that you’re worried about a something or someone could be the first step to helping protect them.

Whether you want to report something, or aren’t sure what to do, by following the procedure above, you will meet people who are there to listen, offer advice and support and can take the next steps if something has happened or someone is in danger.

1. If you become aware, either directly or indirectly, of any sexual abuse or any kind of violence or attack on the integrity of any person, we ask you to follow the procedure described above.

2. Include in the procedure the person concerned, their group leader (if it is not you) and also any other witnesses able to provide relevant information.

3. The brother in charge of safeguarding has a list of the group leaders and can contact the leader of the person concerned if necessary.

4. Do not take any action concerning the alleged perpetrator before following the above procedure. Decisions will be taken together in La Morada, in agreement with the person concerned and if appropriate, their legal guardian.

5. Please note down all possible indices which could enable the identification of the alleged perpetrator, for example their home town, dormitory number, vehicle number plate, etc.

6. This procedure is also valid for reporting any drug-use or excessive consumption of alcohol.

7. If you learn after your stay in Taizé of any incident which needs reporting, please contact us through taize.safeguarding protonmail.com. You can also call a help-line in your own country (in the UK +44 800 1111, the Childline service of the NSPCC; in Ireland, you can contact the Children First Advice Officers at TUSLA Child and Family agency; in the US and Canada, call 1-800-422-4453 to reach the ChildHelp hotline; in Australia, call 1800 737 732 to get in touch with 1800 Respect) or the safeguarding team in your own church.

Advice for listening to an incident that needs reporting

- Take seriously what the person is saying. No assault of a sexual nature, no physical violence, no violation of the integrity of a person, no inappropriate gestures, are insignificant.
- Listen carefully to what the person concerned is sharing.
- Reassure the person who spoke that they were right to have spoken and not to have remained silent.
- Encourage the person concerned to come with you and follow the procedure mentioned above.