Olinda 2020

An online programme for families

This year for the first time we have put together an online version of the family programme. This is for all the families who will not be able to travel to Taizé this year because of the pandemic, and also for any other families who want to take part. The programme is designed for parents as well as their children.

The programme lasts one week (6 days). If you don’t have time to finish everything during the week, you can always leave it and finish at the week-end or the following week! There is a different theme for each day, taking about an hour and a half. Follow the three different activities in this order:

- A song to start the day: a short film made by a young person who will teach you a song from their country!
- Theater time: a film to introduce the day’s bible story (the videos are in English but you can activate the subtitles in the language of your choice).
- Sharing: a PDF file with the bible story for each day, questions and activities for the family to share.

After the sharing, you can finish with a moment of prayer together. We encourage you to adapt the activities to your family’s situation and to share them with other families!

Day 1: Noah and the lock-down in the ark
Song / Theatre / Sharing

Day 2: The story of Ruth and Naomi
Song / Theatre / Sharing

Day 3: The flour and the yeast
Song / Theatre / Sharing

Day 4: From folly to wisdom
Song / Theatre / Sharing

Day 5: The road to Emmaus
Song / Theatre / Sharing

Day 6: A Pentecost story
Song / Theatre / Sharing

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Olinda team to ask questions, give us your comments and share your experience with us. You can write to us at olindateam taize.fr

Those who would like to support this programme financially can make a donation to the Taizé Meetings fund here: donation.

Last updated: 16 July 2020