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Les Carrés de Taizé

To earn their living, the brothers of the community produce pottery and enamel pendants. They publish books as well as the music of Taizé. During the spring 2020 lockdown period, a new project was born – to produce biscuits: "les carrés de Taizé".

Craftspeople from the area around provide the ingredients for the biscuits: flour comes from the nearby flour mill, honey from a local beekeeper and the boxes are made by a company in the neighbouring village. Thus, this product is in line with the ecological principle of shorter supply chains.

Having listened to advice from several biscuit-makers, brothers studied and learned the different stages of production. The community is now delighted to present these new homemade biscuits: "les carrés de Taizé".

Nutritional details

We offer two types of biscuit:

  • Homemade biscuits with Burgundy honey

Ingredients : honey, wheat flour, butter, sugar, ginger, cinnamon, lemon flavouring, salt, aniseed
Min. weight: 540 g

  • Savoury vegan biscuits with sunflower seeds

Ingredients: sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, wheat flour, salt, sugar
Min. weight: 400 g

To order

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Film on the making of the biscuits

Biscuit box design

Last updated: 7 November 2020