The Taizé community receives a “fraternal visit”

At the end of August, something special and quite new is under way in the Community of brothers: a “fraternal visit”. Brother Alois explains.

Recently, we have been trying to think about the question “What does God expect of our community in this time of great changes in the world and in the Church?” And an idea has been taking shape among us: it would be good to share more deeply about our life and our future with some people outside our community.

So we have invited two women and two men from different denominational backgrounds and with different ecclesial responsibilities to pay us a “fraternal visit” for six days. They are staying with us at the end of this month of August to understand the many aspects of our community more closely. All the brothers who wish can meet them personally and will have the opportunity to say what they want about community life and about any changes they think might be worth considering. Afterwards, there will also be online times of sharing with the brothers who live in small fraternities elsewhere in the world. Then the four people who have talked with us will share with us their impressions.

We are taking this initiative not to address any specific or urgent question, but because we feel that such an outside view of the life of the community will do us good.

As far as the welcome of young people is concerned, an outside view of this kind has been there for a long time, thanks to the Association of the Welcome, which is formed of friends of the community and which manages all the material questions linked to the meetings in Taizé. But this is the first time that such a visit has taken place within the community itself.


Last updated: 29 August 2021


[1Picture: Cédric Nisi