Meeting in Turin

Practical information

In December 2021, due to the pandemic, the European meeting could not be organised in Turin as planned. Therefore, from 7 to 10 July 2022, the Churches of Turin invite young Europeans to come in large numbers to a new stage of the pilgrimage of trust on earth.

Health requirements

The health situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic is changing. We hope that conditions will allow for a wider hospitality in July 2022. We will always follow the regulations in force in Italy and work closely with the health authorities there. We will publish here, a few weeks before the meeting, the restrictions still in force at that time.

  • The page https://infocovid.viaggiaresicuri.it/ provides information on the formalities to be fulfilled to enter the Italian territory. Please also check with the authorities in your country to see if there are any restrictions on returning to your country.


The next stage of the European Meeting in Turin will take place from Thursday 7 July to Sunday 10 July 2022.

Age for participation

European Meetings are aimed at young adults between 18 and 35.

Adults over 35, families and the under 18s

European Meetings are aimed at young adults between 18 and 35 and are not intended for young people under 18 or for adults over 35, unless they are leading a group of young people. Other adults, families with children and groups with under 18s are warmly invited to come to Taizé itself instead. For all information about this, click here


Photo: Wiesia Klemens

Accommodation will be either with inhabitants of the city and surrounding region or in small group accommodation (i.e. in church halls, schools, sports halls, etc.) Everyone must bring a camping mat and a sleeping bag. Young adults with disabilities should register by 1 May so that appropriate accommodation can be found.

If you have your own accommodation

If you have already organised your own accommodation during the meeting, it is essential that you include the address of where you are staying on the registration form. You should also still come to register at the arrival point to receive the programme, tickets, etc. Your hosts should contact the nearest participating church and explain that you will take part there during the meeting.


Your financial contribution covers meals, local transport, the hire of the meeting places, equipment, and other costs of the meeting. The level of contribution varies according to the cost of living in different countries.

The requested contribution to costs is:

For young people from UK and Ireland: €70
Other English-speaking countries: please contact us.

For participants or group leaders whose professional occupation allows them to give more, we ask 110€

If you arrive on 5 July to help, the expected financial contribution is the same.

How to make your contribution

If possible, please give your financial contribution online by credit card via your registration form before the meeting. (Please note that we cannot refund any transactions.)

Journey and preparation

Plan to arrive on the morning of 7 July between 8 am and 12 noon, or between 12 noon and 3 pm on 5 July We cannot welcome you on 4 or 6 July!
Departure on 10 July: leave from 4pm onwards.

Photo: Wiesia Klemens

The Shroud of Turin

On 9 July, there will be a night of prayer in the different churches of the city, with the opportunity to pass briefly through the cathedral for a short moment of personal prayer before the Shroud of Turin, which is housed there.(We will publish details of the access plan of the cathedral for this later.)

Coming early as a helper

So that everything runs smoothly, we need a good number of volunteer helpers to arrive on 5 July. You can help in various ways:
- welcoming people who arrive on 7 July;
- work teams (meal distribution, cleaning, preparing the places of prayer, etc.);
- supporting the organising group in a local church or other host centre;
- singing in the choir (please indicate on your registration).

Photo: Wiesia Klemens

Those who arrive on the 5 July take part fully in the programme of the meeting from 7 July onwards.

N.B. Young adults arriving on 7 July can also help in work teams or the choir.

In different regions and countries, young adults are preparing the pilgrimage together. Preparation material will be published on the Taizé website over the course of the next months.

On facebook.com/taize you will find news and photos of the preparation in various countries.


Those intending to lead a group should please register as soon as possible, giving an initial estimation of the number they will be bringing and then adding little by little the details of participants. The deadline for registrations is 1 June.

>>> Click here to register online

Last updated: 1 March 2022