Taizé – Journeying Together To Sources of Hope


The Taizé Community will hold thirty evenings of prayer and sharing between mid-February and Easter. Below is the list. These preparatory gatherings, which will take place throughout the Holy Land, are a way of laying the groundwork for the international meeting of young adults that will be held in the Holy Land between May 8 and 15, 2022. You are warmly invited to participate in one or several of these evenings. Fruit of a collaboration between the Taizé Community, the Tantur Ecumenical Institute, and the Churches of the Holy Land, this gathering is expected to bring together hundreds of young adults from Europe and other continents and as many from the Holy Land. What is the purpose of these evenings? We cannot become bearers of hope if we ourselves do not undertake our own inner pilgrimage to the sources of hope. It is in that spirit that the following evenings have been conceived:

13 February, 10.45 Am Syrian Catholic parish, Bethlehem
13 February, 5 pm Tantur, Jerusalem
13 February, 8.30 pm, Ratisbonne, Jerusalem
19 February, 5pm St. George’s Cathedral (Anglican)
Nablus road 65 Jerusalem
20 February, Tantur, 5 pm, Jerusalem
24 February, 4 pm, Greek Orthodox Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem.
24 February, 6.15 pm, Catholic church, Ain Arik
26 February 6 pm, Lutheran Church in Beit Jala
27 February 5 pm, Tantur, Jerusalem
28 February, 7 pm, The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Jerusalem
04 March, 8 pm, Hebrew Speaking Catholic Community, Saints Simeon and Anne House, HaRav Kook Street 10, Jerusalem
06 March, 5 pm, Tantur, Jerusalem
06 March, 6pm, Arab Catholic Scouts - Main Scout Building, Old City, Jerusalem
07 March, 6 pm, Greek Catholic Parish, Beit Sahour
08 March, 5pm, Chapel of the University of Bethlehem
11 March, 6 pm, St. Francis church (organized by St. Catherine’s parish, Bethlehem)
12 March, 3 pm, Ecole des frères, Old City Jerusalem.
13 March, 5 pm, Tantur, Jerusalem
13 March, 8.30 pm, Ratisbonne, Jerusalem
15 March, 7.30 pm Sisters of Nazareth school, Abbas Street, Haifa,
17 March, 7 pm, Greek Catholic Seminary St. Joseph Al Montran, Nazareth
18 March 6 pm, Saint Savior Parish, Old City, Jerusalem.
18 March, 8 pm Hebrew Speaking Catholic Community, Neve Shalom
20 March 5 pm, Tantur, Jerusalem
24 March, 6.30 pm, Catholic Church, Shefa-amr Galilee
26 March, 6 pm, Orthodox Scouts, The Orthodox National Charitable Society Hall- Bethlehem
27 March 5 pm Tantur, Jerusalem
28 March, 7 pm, Church of the Annunciation, Beit Jala
31 March, 7.30 pm, Paulus Haus rooftop, Nablus Rd., Jerusalem
01 April, 7:30 pm, Prayer in Terra Sancta Parish Center, Beit Hanina
03 April, 5 pm Tantur, Jerusalem
07 April, 6 pm Talitha Koumi School, Beit Jala
10 April, 8.30 pm, Ratisbonne, Jerusalem
13 April, 5.30 pm, Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church, Bethlehem.
24 April, 5 pm Tantur, Jerusalem
01 May, 5 pm Tantur, Jerusalem


If you are interested in being part of the choir during the week from 8 to 15 May, or if you play a musical instrument, we invite you to the following rehearsals:

Thursday, February 17th, Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Muristan Road (near Holy Sepucher) from 6pm to 8pm

Thursday, March 17th, Talitha Koumi School, Beit Jala, from 6pm to 8pm

Monday, April 25th, Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Muristan Road (near Holy Sepucher), from 6pm to 8pm

Monday, May 2nd, Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Muristan Road (near Holy Sepucher) from 6pm to 8pm.

If you are willing to help with singing and music for the evenings listed above, please send us an email at holyland2022 taize.fr

Arabic-speakers between the ages of 18 and 35 can register for the May gathering by sending an email to: holyland taize.me
For other languages: holyland2022 taize.fr
For more information in Arabic: www.taize.me
Other languages: www.taize.fr/holyland

Last updated: 10 February 2022