European meeting in Turin

Sharing based on the "Proposals for 2022"

For the year 2022, Brother Alois has published six proposals with the theme "Becoming creators of unity". Based on this text, young people from Turin have prepared the following questions. They can serve as a basis for a time of small group sharing in preparation for coming to the European meeting next July.

1. The Joy of Receiving | January

  • We can receive only in relationships: which relationships have given me the most in my life?
  • Is it hard for me to receive with joy? What are the obstacles that keep me from doing this?
  • What does "Ubuntu" mean for me? In what situations have I realised that we are all interdependent?
Bible text: Luke 10.29-37 | The Good Samaritan
During this month, in order to better understand what I have received, could I try to investigate my personal or community history, ask an elderly person to tell something about family or local origins, visit a museum, or discover the traditions and culture of the region where I live?

2. Fostering dialogue | February

  • Do I have friends who think very differently than I do? How do I manage to remain in relationship with them?
  • How can I enable a friendship to grow even when I think the other person is on a road that is not good for them? Am I able for my part to accept being corrected?
  • How do I manage to go beyond the negative impressions I sometimes have of others? What helps me to trust them?
Bible text: Genesis 4.1-16 | Cain and Abel
During this month, try and become familiar with initiatives of interreligious dialogue that deserve to be better known. Let us go and meet believers of other religions and thus deepen the knowledge of our own faith

3. We Are All Brothers and Sisters | March

  • When have I felt excluded? What did I feel? How did I react?
  • Where I am, who are “those who have been wounded by life”? Why should I approach them? Is it possible? As a believer, do I feel called to take a further step? Which one?
  • How can I begin the “revolution of the heart” of which Dorothy Day speaks?
Bible text: Romans 12.3-13 | Life together
This month, alone or with a few others, let us try to find in our neighbourhood a situation and people to whom we can offer a friendly presence, with whom we can show solidarity: the excluded, the poor, the sick, abandoned children, migrants or exiles, unemployed people...

4. Solidarity with the Whole of Creation | April

  • Do I see the world as a gift? What are my motivations for wanting to take care of the planet?
  • Do I ever feel angry about the ecological crisis? How can I transform my frustration into positive energy for change?
  • “It is often starting from ‘almost nothing’ that a transformation begins.” What is this “almost nothing” in my situation? Does it give me hope?
Bible text: Psalm 104 | The marvels of creation
This month, with a friend or a group of people, get gloves and bin bags and together walk down a street, park, or neighborhood, picking up the rubbish left on the streets, to make the area a little cleaner.

5. A Passion for Christian Unity | May

  • Have I ever experienced divisions among Christians, even within the same Church? How did I react?
  • How can diversity help us to build unity?
  • Can we learn “the art of creating unity” without recognizing humbly what we are lacking? As a believer, what do I still need to receive from others?
Bible text: John 17.6.11b.20-23 | Jesus’ prayer for unity
This month, meet with people from different Churches and/or among different groups within the same parish or Church, for a time of prayer together centered on the Word of God.

6. Let God Unify Our Hearts | June

  • Have I ever experienced “a deep thirst for communion and unity”? In which situations?
  • Am I aware that I cannot do or experience everything? What helps me to sort out my desires?
  • Do I feel the need for silence in my life? Is it possible to be “recollected” even in the midst of the noises of the world?
Bible text: 1 Kings 19.1-13 | Elijah on the mountain
Last updated: 14 February 2022