Ukraine | A Provisional Community To Welcome Refugees

In solidarity with Ukraine, Taizé is preparing to welcome refugees who have had to leave their country because of the war, along with many refugees passing through for a night on their way to Spain or Portugal.

In close collaboration with the civil authorities, the project was born to welcome several families of Ukrainian refugees in a house at Taizé or in the nearby village of Ameugny. The details are being worked out.

To accompany this welcome, some young people could form a small temporary community, living with the refugees who will be welcomed in Taizé. We are therefore looking for three or four young men or women, aged between 19 and 30, who would be willing to live in Taizé until the end of May to take part in this project. Being able to communicate in a Slavic language would be a definite asset.

If you are interested, or if you have any further questions, please contact us very quickly at this address explaining your reasons for wishing to participate in this project.

In several aspects, this proposal is different from volunteering in Taizé. For those who wish to stay longer in Taizé during the next few months, see this other page.

Last updated: 19 March 2022