Week of sharing and witnessing Orthodox faith


The second "week of sharing and witnessing to Orthodox faith" will take place in Taizé from 6 to 13 August 2023.

Metropolitan Dimitrios of Paris (Ecumenical Patriarchate) will preside at the Divine Liturgy in the Church of Reconciliation on Saturday 12 August.

Specific events in addition to the regular weekly meeting programme

For Orthodox participants

Monday 5.30 pm: meeting led by the priest Joan Lena.
During the week: spontaneously organised discussions on different themes according to the questions and interests of participants.

Workshops for all participants

- Tuesday 5.30pm: The astonishing freedom of several Orthodox saints and our own freedom of thought, speech and behaviour as Christians. With Theodor Avramov, Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Sofia, Bulgaria and Stella Tapaskou from Greece. | Room 15

- Wednesday 5.30pm: Gender and human identity. Being men and women in Christ. With Julija Naett Vidovic, St Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute (Paris). | Room 15

- Thursday 2pm The experience of the ’Dukh i Litera’ / ’Spirit and Letter’ publishing house in Kyiv. With Constantin Sigov, Ukrainian philosopher and publisher. | Room 10

- Saturday 3.15pm How to pray today? Meeting and sharing with Mother Antonia from the Orthodox monastery “Protection of the Mother of God” in Switzerland. | Crypt Garden

- Saturday 5.30pm Is the Tradition of Church still relevant today? With Olga and Jean-Jacques Laham-Lossky, a couple engaged in the Orthodox Church. | Room 15

Orthodox liturgical celebrations

- Wednesday 7am: Divine Liturgy in the village church of Saint Mary-Magdalene in Taizé.

- Friday 5.30pm: celebration of Vespers with prayer for the dead.

- Saturday 8am: Divine Liturgy presided by Metropolitan Dimitrios of Paris in the Church of Reconciliation.

Please register online for the week or the weekend. (If you are just coming for Saturday, registration is not necessary. Meal tickets are available at the reception).

Last updated: 12 June 2023