Week of sharing and witnessing Orthodox faith


Since 2016, the Orthodox parish of Saint Césaire and Saint Marcel in Chalon-sur-Saône (Serbian patriarchate), neighbouring Taizé, and the community of brothers have organised an “Orthodox day” of prayer and reflection every autumn.

In this year 2022, our Orthodox friends are specially invited to come to Taizé from August 14 to 21 for a “Week of sharing and witnessing Orthodox faith”. They will participate in the usual program of the meetings but also meet to share among themselves and will also facilitate at the end of the afternoon workshops open to all.

Orthodox believers living near around Taizé are invited for an “Orthodox day” on Saturday August 20, with the Divine Liturgy and workshops.

When you register online please indicate that you will participate in the Orthodox week or day.

Last updated: 7 May 2022