Week of sharing and witnessing Orthodox faith

In this year 2022, our Orthodox friends are specially invited to come to Taizé from August 14 to 21 for a “Week of sharing and witnessing Orthodox faith”. They will participate in the usual program of the meetings but also meet to share among themselves and will also facilitate at the end of the afternoon workshops open to all. On Saturday, the Divine Liturgy will be celebrated in the Church of Reconciliation by the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of France, Dimitrios.

From Monday to Friday:

Morning: joint programme with all the participants of the meetings in Taizé.
3 to 5 pm: time of sharing among Orthodox Christians, led by the Orthodox priest Joan Lena (the themes are not defined in advance, but will emerge in the exchanges).
5.30 pm (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday): workshops on the Orthodox Church and faith open to all (in preparation)

Saturday 20 August:

  • 9:00 Divine Liturgy presided by Metropolitan Dimitrios of Paris (Ecumenical Patriarchate), in the Church of Reconciliation

For the rest of the programme, please refer to the page dedicated to this day.

Please register online, for the week or the weekend.

Last updated: 22 July 2022