European meeting in Rostock

Information for Registered Participants

You have registered already for the European Meeting in Rostock. The people of the city and region are very happy to welcome you!

The following information is important. If you have registered anyone other than yourself, please pass it on to each member of your group.

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Don’t forget

- Your passport or ID card.
- if you would like to give something to the people who host you, then bring some small gifts with you that represent your region or country.
- a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat so that you can sleep on the floor.
- a spoon to eat the meals and a mug or bowl.
- a small mat or cushion for sitting on on the floor during the prayers and meetings.
- check that your health and liability insurance are valid before you leave and bring the necessary documents with you. People living within the European Union should bring their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). (for UK citizens or residents, bring the General Health Insurance Card: see https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/he...).
- musical instruments...

At the Welcome point

At the welcome point, you will be asked for your registration code.

A volunteer will welcome you and present the meeting booklet with the detailed programme that you will be able to download and consult. You will then be given an "itinerarium" showing you how to get to the place where you will be staying, a bag giving you access to meals and other events, and a transport ticket.

26 December (helpers arriving early)

Arrival between 2pm and 5pm. [Please follow this link to see where you should arrive]

After the first explanations, you should join one of the following teams:
- practical work teams (meal distribution, welcoming people in the prayer hall, public transport, etc.)
- choir and orchestra
- welcoming people who arrive on 28 December
- helping in host communities

Your work will normally allow you to take part in the meeting programme, with a few exceptions.

28 December

Arrival between 8am and 12 noon. [Please follow this link to see where you should arrive]

In the host communities in and around Rostock, your skills will be a great help in leading morning prayers and sharing groups. If you are coming as a group, please designate in advance every tenth person as an "animator". These animators will receive some additional information.

Some of the people who arrive on 28 December will be asked to join work teams or the choir.


On arrival, large groups will be divided between host communities. The local preparation team will assign you accommodation, either in private homes or in a hall. All hosts accommodate at least two people. Please accept the accommodation offered to you.

If, when registering, you indicated a special accommodation need, please let us know at the welcome point.

Group leaders

If you are a group leader, make sure everyone knows the group registration code and your telephone number.

When you registered, you gave a mobile phone number where you can be reached in case of emergency. Please ensure that this number works in Germany. If you will be using a different number, please let us know when you arrive.

Contribution to costs

For young people from the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia: 80 euros (from the US, 70 euros)

For adults, please give 120 euros (from US 110 euros), if your professional activity allows for this.

Make your financial contribution by credit card, via your online registration before you arrive. This helps us enormously with the organisation. But please be aware that we cannot make any refunds.

If it is really necessary, the financial contribution can also be given in Euro banknotes at the welcome place: in this case, please prepare the exact amount in advance.

If you need a receipt for your accounts, you must tell us when you make your contribution and not after.


Please read very carefully these pages which concern safeguarding before, during and after the meeting in Rostock.

Meeting application

The list of workshops on 29 and 30 December as well as the places and exact time of the meetings by country or region on 31 December are not in the meeting booklet but will be accessible at any time via the meeting app. You will also find there the meditations given during the common prayers in several languages. You can download it here

Central phone number for the meeting

For all information and emergencies during the meeting:

+49 (0)381 26 05 46 79

This number will be operational 24 hours a day during the meeting.


The departure place for coaches: HanseMesse

Please do not plan to leave before 4pm on January 1

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Last updated: 16 December 2022