European meeting in Turin

Information for Registered Participants

This information is only for people who have already registered for the meeting.

You’re getting ready to come to the European Meeting in Turin. We are looking forward to seeing you. The parishes and the people of the city have put a lot of effort into preparing a warm welcome for all.

Here are some practical details concerning the meeting: some information only concerns groups who are travelling together, some concerns all participants, so please read everything carefully. Every detail is important and will help to ensure everything goes smoothly, especially when you first arrive. If you are leading a group, please pass the information on to each group member.

Don’t forget

- Your passport or ID card and a photocopy of it. Leave the photocopy where you are staying.
- Young people under 18 years old must bring written parental consent with them, (use this form allowing them to take part in the meeting under the responsibility of an adult accompanier.
- if you would like to give something to the people who host you, then bring some small gifts with you that represent your region or country.
- a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat so that you can sleep on the floor.
- a spoon to eat the meals and a mug or bowl.
- a small mat or cushion for sitting on on the floor during the prayers and meetings.
the participant’s form, with your registration code filled in. You will give this in at the parish which welcomes you.
- check that your health and liability insurance are valid before you leave and bring the necessary documents with you. People living within the European Union should bring their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
- musical instruments...

At the Welcome

At the welcome place, you will be asked for your registration code.

When you arrive you will receive the programme for the meeting, an itinerarium showing you how to get to the place where you will be staying, a badge giving you access to meals and other events, and a transport ticket. Keep these different items with you at all times during the meeting.

5 July (helpers arriving early)

Those who arrive on 5 July (young adults aged 18-35 only) will be assigned to the following teams (larger groups arriving together should split up):
- practical work teams (meal distribution, welcoming people in the churches, public transport, etc.)
- learning songs to support the singing during the common prayers (choir and orchestra)
- welcoming people who arrive on 7 July
- helping in host parishes

From 8 July on, your work will normally allow you to take part in the programme in the host parish to which you have been allocated.

After being welcomed, participants follow their itinerarium to the designated host parish to receive their accommodation. Hand in at the parish your “participant’s form” (filled out at the welcome point). Then go to the Church of San Dalmazzo for your work, the evening meal and the prayer.

7 July

Upon arrival, the program will be explained: Morning prayer, small group meetings in the parishes; midday prayer in the Waldensian Temple and San Giovanni Evangelista Church. Afternoon: visits and reflections in different locations in the town centre. Evening prayer in San Filippo Neri. Saturday: festival of nations at 18:30 and night pilgrimage after evening prayer, with the possibility of a moment of contemplative prayer before the Shroud of Turin.

Some participants may be asked to join work teams or the choir group, if necessary.

After being welcomed, participants follow their itinerarium to the designated host parish to receive their accommodation. Hand in at the parish your “participant’s form” (filled out at the welcome point). Go to the theological faculty at 19:00 for the evening meal, followed by evening prayer in San Filippo Neri at 21:00.


On arrival, large groups will be divided between several parishes. Many participants will be welcomed in families, but there may also be some collective accommodations. Your accommodation will be allocated to you by the team in the local host parish. Please accept what is offered to you. The hosts are welcoming the participants of the European meeting without expecting anything in return. Be ready to split up to be welcomed in pairs, or even alone. Please also accept that your hosts receive either boys or girls.

Contribution to costs

For young people from the UK: 70 euros

For adults 110 euros, unless they are accompanying a group, in which case they may if necessary give the same contribution as the young people.

For us, the simplest way to make your contribution is by credit card, via your online registration. It helps us enormously if you can send your contribution in this way. But please be aware that we cannot make any refunds.

If it is really necessary, the contribution can also be given at the welcome place: in this case, please prepare the exact amount in advance (only in bank-notes and only in euros).

If you need a receipt for your accounts, it is essential that you let us know at the time when you make your contribution.

In the city

To bear witness in a positive manner in the city, please avoid exaggerated behaviour (flags, strange hats etc...) which may not reflect the spirit of pilgrimage and risk being misunderstood.

For security, don’t walk around alone. Try always the stay in a small group or at least with one other person.

In a large city, there may be sects or other groups who want to take advantage of the presence of a lot of young people to try to recruit followers. They may distribute leaflets in public transport or around the meeting places. Some of these groups can be dangerous, it is better to remain vigilant and not accept their invitations. Also be attentive to the members of your group who naively may not know how to deal with such situations.

If you become aware that any person has been subjected any form whatsoever of abuse, particularly if the person concerned is under 18, please contact a person in charge of safeguarding questions at (+39) 375 571 9632. This number is designated specifically for these questions. Any other enquiries or comments should be made to the central meeting phone number. If you have already returned home, write to: protection taize.fr. You can also contact any victims support group.

Central phone number for the meeting

For all information and emergencies during the meeting:

(+39) 011 429 9263

This number will be operational 24 hours a day during the meeting.

Last updated: 29 June 2022