A day of Orthodoxy in Taizé


Since 2016, the Orthodox parish of Saint Césaire and Saint Marcel in Chalon-sur-Saône (Serbian patriarchate), neighbouring Taizé, and the community of brothers have organised each year a day of prayer and reflection every autumn.

This year, Orthodox believers living near around Taizé are invited for an “Orthodox day” on Saturday August 20, with the Divine Liturgy and workshops.


  • · 9:00 Divine Liturgy presided over by Metropolitan Dimitrios of Paris (Ecumenical Patriarchate), in the Church of Reconciliation
  • 10:30 breakfast, followed by a time of meeting with Metropolitan Dimitrios
  • 12:30 common prayer with the brothers of the Taizé Community, followed by lunch at 13:00 [1].
  • 15:00 "How is the Church called to contribute to peace between peoples?" with Georges El Hage (Patriarchate of Antioch), researcher in patristics, president of Syndesmos (Orthodox Youth Movement).
  • 16:00 "The journey in faith of a spiritual daughter of Father Alexander Schmemann in the 1950s", conversation with Irene Rovere-Sova.
  • 17:00 snack
  • 17:30 "Vulnerable trust and the "new song" of Taizé", talk by Constantin Sigov, from Kiev.
Last updated: 22 July 2022


[1For the lunch, a contribution of 7 € is requested - give on the day