South Africa

Regular prayers

Prayers with songs from Taizé exist in many places in South Africa. The prayers appearing on this page are regular prayers known to the brothers and in touch with the reality of the local Church in their area.

The "pilgrimage of trust on earth" is not a movement in the formal sense of the word at all. So no one has a list of "members". It is often possible, however, to put people in touch with others in their locality. email

Cape Town

NG Kerk Kaapstad/Groote Kerk
Prayer with songs from Taizé
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 13:00
Corner of Bureau and Parliament Street
Cape Town CBD
+27 84 795 2223
Rev Riaan de Villiers

Last updated: 25 August 2011

Preparing a time of prayer

For information on preparing a time of prayer, meditative singing, silence and learning songs from Taizé, visit our Prayer and song section