Safeguarding at the Rostock meeting


Since the end of October 2022, Taizé has been in touch with the local Churches in Rostock to set up a safeguarding policy for the European Meeting.

The integrity of young adults taking part in the meeting, hosts and everyone involved must be respected and the European meeting be a safe place for all.

This portal page gives you links to pages concerning the safeguarding policy, reporting procedures and important contacts.

Safeguarding policy in Rostock

As organisers of the European Meeting in Rostock of the Pilgrimage of Trust, our concern is for the safety of all participants.

In the run-up to the meeting, we endeavour to select with care and accompany all involved in the preparation team so that they may respond promptly to any concerns about the safety of persons and to any allegations made.

Before and during the European Meeting in Rostock, we will

- do everything possible to ensure that trust is not betrayed or abused.

- Select and instruct all persons responsible for running the meeting to conscientiously recognise assaults and abuse and to respond according to our guidelines.

- urge all those involved in the meeting to immediately report any sexual harassment, abuse or violence they are personally affected by or notice around them to the following:
· the safeguarding team for the European Meeting in Rostock
· the safeguarding officers of the host churches
· an independent specialised association

- take all reports of assault or abuse seriously and take the necessary legal action.

- respond to victims of abuse who wish to speak out, regardless of the nature of the abuse and when and where it occurred.

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Last updated: 26 November 2022