How will participants be informed of safeguarding measures?


Before the European Meeting in Rostock:
- All hosts will receive a letter before the meeting with an overview of the measures taken for safeguarding people. In addition, they will be made aware of the full information on the website taizerostock.de.
- All participants will be informed by e-mail about the behavioural guidelines and safeguarding prior to the meeting. These are printed as well in a shortened version in the programme booklet.
In addition, the full information on safeguarding is available via the meeting’s app which will be explained on arrival.

Arrival In Rostock

- Upon arrival in Rostock, all participants will receive the guidelines on behaviour, which will be read together at the first info meeting.
- Care will be taken to ensure that everyone has understood the guidelines. Welcome teams are briefed to answer any questions, address any existing ambiguities and refer to the meeting app for further clarification.