Taizé-Rostock | Safeguarding

The team


The safeguarding team for the European Meeting Taizé-Rostock will
- Receive reports of sexual assault, violence of any kind and spiritual abuse during the meeting, regardless of who is accused
- Listen with an open mind, take the person seriously and ensure that the reporting person understands and agrees with the further steps the team will take
- Report any case for which this is required by law
- Help those affected, who wish to do so, to take legal action
- Support those affected, though without being able to offer therapeutic help.

The team undertakes to work independently and to treat the information related to its work as confidential. The information received through any reports will be recorded and stored in compliance with the European GDPR.

The team can be reached 24 hours a day during the meeting and until 2 January by telephone (see below) and can also be contacted via protection taize.fr. It will end its work on 2 January 2023, after which all information will be passed on to the Taizé safeguarding team appointed by the community, which will follow up ongoing cases.

The safeguarding team in Rostock consists of:
■ up to 26 December 2022: Konrad Meyer, +49 1525 203 56 49
■ from 26 Dezember 2022 to 2 January 2023:
Sabine Schubert, +49 1622 169 147
Benedict Schubert, +49 1525 203 57 41