Taizé-Rostock | Safeguarding

Excerpt from the meeting booklet


Through hospitality, personal closeness and trust are created. These must not be used to the harm others. In view of this, everyone involved in the European Meeting will make a big effort to help build an atmosphere in which everyone, regardless of origin, culture or age, is treated with respect.

The following pledge will help to maintain healthy boundaries in our dealings with each other and to promote a culture of trust::
○ I undertake to uphold the psychological, physical and sexual integrity of all persons and refrain from any behaviour that violates this. I will show the maximum respect for people’s privacy and intimacy
○ By communicating openly, I will draw my counterpart’s attention to behaviour that transgresses my own boundaries.
○ If I am affected by sexual harassment, spiritual abuse or violence or notice this happening around me, I will immediately inform the safeguarding team or a specialised agency.

The multilingual safeguarding team of the European Meeting in Rostock (available 24/7 until 2 January):
■Sabine Schubert on +49 1622 169 147
or Benedict Schubert on +49 1525 203 57 41,
or via protection taize.fr protection taize.fr (even after the meeting).

In addition (not continuously available):
■Prevention Office of the Protestant Church, tel: +49 (0)174 3267628 (in German) or by email meldestelle kirche-mv.de.
■ Prevention and Intervention Unit in the Archdiocese of Hamburg, tel +49 (0)162 326 04 62 or by email buero.ansprechpersonen@erzbistum-ha....
■ The Independent Contact Point UNA, Tel 0800-022099 (free of cost and anonymous), or by email una wendepunkt-ev.de.