Together | Gathering of the People of God

Preparing for Together


A separate website, www.together2023.net, set up by Taizé and the different partners involved in this common journey gives all the information concerning the Together | Gathering of the People of God and the ecumenical prayer vigils that will be held both in Rome and elsewhere in the world.

Some of the questions regularly raised concerning the gathering can be found on this page with links to the Together site

You can click on the following links to find information about:

How did the Together project begin and what is it all about?

Who can take part?

If I want to go to Rome for the gathering, what should I do?

Is there any material that can help us to prepare?

Are there any journeys being organised from near me to Rome?

Will there be a programme in Taizé for that week before the welcome closes and then the possibility to travel to Rome?

And what if I can’t come to Rome because I live too far away or can’t make it for the weekend?

Is it true that there will be prayers taking place throughout the world linked with the vigil in Rome?

And who should I write to if I want to organise a prayer where I live? Write to prayers-world together2023.net!

Last updated: 15 June 2023