Reports monitoring team

A team of people has been delegated by the Taizé Community and the "Association de l’Accueil à Taizé" (the association which runs the meetings in Taizé and elsewhere) to carry out the following tasks:

• To receive reports of spiritual abuse or situations involving control or manipulation, sexual assault or violence of any kind, which may have occurred during meetings at Taizé, or in meetings run by the Taizé Community, whoever the alleged perpetrators may be.

• To listen without any bias and to take seriously the voice of people who are victim-survivors.

• File a judicial report in all cases where required by law.

• Help victims to undertake, if they so wish, a legal, reparation and/or reconstruction process. (See footnote below)

• Forward the anonymised reports to the organisers of the event in question and propose measures to prevent any recurrence of the incidents reported.

• Always provide victims with supportive and reassuring assistance.
This team undertakes to work independently, to follow up any reports received as quickly as possible and to maintain the confidentiality of its work.

Data is received and stored throughout the process in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the French Data Protection Act (see this page).

In spring 2023, the < protection taize.fr > address was replaced by the following: taize.safeguarding protonmail.com. The Reports Monitoring Team now manages this new email address in an independent manner.

The team is currently made up of Alzira Fernandes, educator and psycho-spiritual counsellor, Cécile Jubert, psycho-practitioner specialising in sexual violence, and Noël Rosé, honorary lawyer. This team is not a judicial body and cannot offer psychological support, which defines the limits of what it can do.

Footnote. In January 2022, the Taizé Community decided to adhere to the work of the Independent Commission "Recognition and Reparation", set up following the publication of the report of the Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church of France. (CIASE).

Last updated: 7 July 2023