Tallinn 2024/25

Announcement of the 47th European Meeting

On the evening of 30 December 2023, in Ljubljana, Brother Matthew announced that the next European meeting would take place in the capital of Estonia at the end of 2024.

After the announcement, Brother Matthew gave the floor to three representatives of the Estonian churches:

- I would like to ask Pastor Ove Sander to say a few words to invite you all to come to Tallinn from 28 December 2024 to 1 January 2025:

- Dear sisters and brothers in Christ. It is my joy and privilege to say to you a most cordial welcome to Tallinn next year for the Taizé European Meeting. Estonia is a small country, but with a lot of big-hearted people. Estonia is not a rich country, but it is rich in its culture. Estonia is considered a quite secular country, but you can find many people with deep faith and commitment to Christ. May this next gathering in Tallinn as the one here in Ljubljana, bring us closer to one another and to God, helping us grow in our one shared calling for His coming kingdom. Meanwhile, may the love of the Father, the mercy of the Son and the fellowship of the Spirit remain with us all.

- Triin Salmu is in charge of youth work for the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church: What does it mean to be young and Christian in Estonia?

- It means you stand out from other people. It can mean you feel excluded and isolated from other young people around you — in school for instance — but it also gives you a chance to be an example of Jesus to others. Being a minority in society also creates a sense of unity with other Christians, overcoming denominational lines, especially among young people.

- For many years, Pastor Tiina Klement has been coming to Taizé: What will this meeting represent for the Churches in Estonia at this time?

- Dear brothers and sisters, I am very happy that the next European meeting will take place in my home country. This meeting where thousands of young people gather for prayer and to share their faith and their lives with each other will be a great support and inspiration for our Estonian youth. It will lift our people up and give hope to our church for the future. Because we are small, all the different churches will work together – this will be a visible sign of one body of Christ and the presence of God for the whole of society. You are all very welcome! God bless you!

Photo : Taizé Ljubljana

Last updated: 30 December 2023