A new group of volunteers in Taizé in 2024


From Easter 2024, a new group of volunteers will begin in Taizé, formed by couples aged between 30 and 40, without children. Daily life will consist, as for other volunteers, of participating in the three daily prayers, services related to the meetings and the common life of the group (meals, time for reflection and sharing, household chores). Accommodation will be simple, set apart, in one of the houses belonging to the meetings.

Being part of this group will mean, to:
- commit, after a trial period, for 3 months or more;
- be open and available for the period of time spent in Taizé;
- actively participate and enrich the common life of the group.

You can be accompanied by a person who will be there to listen to you personally and, if you feel the need, you will be able to spend a week in silence.
The daily life of the group will be accompanied by a couple who lives in Taizé, by a sister of the Community of Saint-André and by a brother of the community.

This group of volunteers will operate from Easter 2024 until November 2024.

If you are interested in this proposal, please fill in the the form below and send it to us at the address longerstay taize.fr. The number of places is limited. We will reply to those who apply according to our ability to host them.

PDF - 68 kb
Volunteer couples application form
Last updated: 18 February 2024