Taizé has had one million Bibles printed in China


Responding to the needs of Christians in China, in 2009 the Taizé Community had one million Bibles printed there : 200,000 complete Bibles and 800,000 New Testaments with the Psalms and Ecclesiasticus, for distribution throughout the country.

This initiative was announced in Brussels, during the European meeting at the end of December 2008, by Brother Alois who said: “The Word of God unites us beyond divisions. It also unites us, beyond borders, to those who are very far from us. We are happy to be able to give a concrete sign of this unity with the Christians of China.”

Complementary information

  • Franciscan translation, Studium Biblicum (Sigao), from Hong Kong. Featuring an introduction to each book with explanatory notes, it helps the reader to enter the world of the Bible and understand its meaning.
  • Format : 215 x 145 mm
  • 2064 pages (the complete Bible) or 720 pages (New Testament with the Psalms and Ecclesiasticas)
    Horizontal script version, which is more accessible, especially for the young. The large script facilitates reading.
  • The Bible was printed by Amity Printing Company in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, north of Shanghai. This is one of the largest Bible printing-houses. Dozens of countries and Bible societies print Bibles there. They have already printed 60 million Bibles for China and for export.
  • These Bibles have been distributed to 97 dioceses, and also through seminaries, religious congregations, etc.
  • Each New Testament cost about 1.50 Euros ($2 US) and each complete Bible about 3 Euros ($4 US). Part of the paper was provided by the United Bible Societies.
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What is the significance of this project?

In China, Church leaders encourage Bible reading, particularly among young people and catechumens. Through the gift of Bibles, Taizé wants to support this pastoral effort. In a note, those who receive a Bible are invited to read it and share with others.

The Taizé Community also supports the biblical work of the Protestant Church in China.

Does this project of Taizé have precedents?

This is not the first time that in special circumstances Taizé has supported the dissemination of the Bible. During the Second Vatican Council, the Latin American bishops asked Brother Roger to send one million New Testaments to Latin America in Spanish and 500,000 in Portuguese. In 1989, Taizé printed one million New Testaments for the Russian Orthodox Church.

Operation Hope

Many individuals and groups have taken part in this project through Operation Hope. To find out about other initiatives in need of support

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Last updated: 22 May 2010
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