Towards a new solidarity

For over thirty years, the “pilgrimage of trust on earth” initiated by Brother Roger and the Taizé Community has given rise to an uninterrupted series of meetings, large and small, in many countries of the world.

In Berlin, at the end of December 2011, Brother Alois inaugurated a new stage in the pilgrimage of trust, by offering a reflection for the coming years around the theme of “a new solidarity”:

It will enable young people from every continent to mobilize their energies, to gather together their expectations, intuitions and experiences: the results of this search will be summed up in a gathering to take place in Taizé in August 2015.

Today, some young people are asking themselves how to renew a commitment for others. This path “towards a new solidarity” wishes to echo a shared enthusiasm, to breathe new life into prayer groups, to integrate the challenges of today’s world into a common reflection.

This section of the website will include news published at regular intervals, testimonies from young people on specific themes, proposals for praying together and for small-group sharing.