Fogadási hely december 28-án és hazaindulás január elsején (magyarajkú résztvevők számára)


Welcome on 28 december

Thank you for arriving between 8:00 and 12:00
Welcome place
The welocome will be in the Berufliche Schule.
Berufliche Schule Schule der Hanse- und Universitätsstadt Rostock -Wirtschaft
Stephan-Jantzen-Ring 3-4,
18106 Rostock

Coordinates google maps : 54.133423, 12.068693

Coming by public transport

From Rostock Hauptbanhof (Rostock Main Station), take the S-Bahn 1,2 ou3 until : : Rostock Lütten Klein

Important: a Taizé team will be present at Rostock Hauptbahnhof to distribute the necessary ticket to take the S-Bahn.

Coming by private car or private bus:

Parking for cars
There is room near the school for temporary parking of small vehicles.
Parking for buses
The place to drop off the participants is:
Parkplatz IGA West
Coordinates google maps : 54.139436, 12.066642
Click here ici to show the itinerary for buses
Buses must leave immediately after unloading participants. Please take this into account when calculating the driver’s rest time.

Parking for buses during the meeting
On arrival, you will receive the address to a free bus parking lot in Warnemünde, close to an S-Bahn station. This parking lot is available from December 28th to January 1st. It is not fenced. As this is a military field, so it is not possible to sleep in the buses. It is also not possible to take the vehicles out of the parking lot before January 1st at 6am. There will be a team of young people on site to help the drivers park their buses and find their way.

Bus departure

The departure place for buses is the west parking of the Hanse Messe.
Do not plan to leave with buses before 4:00 pm on January 1st. It is possible to bring the buses there from 7 am.