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Taizé – Instrumental 2; (Venite exultemus)
Christe Lux Mundi; Taizé – Instrumental 3
Christe Lux Mundi; Taizé – Instrumental 3
Venite exultemus; Taizé – Instrumental 2
Laudate omnes gentes; Taizé – Instrumental
Christe Lux Mundi
Mane nobiscum
Venite exultemus; Taizé – Instrumental
Christe Lux Mundi

Albums and tracks to download/buy

The CDs recorded at Taizé are available for legal download from the main digital outlets. They are all listed with the single word “Taizé”, with or without the accent, as the artist name. Click here [,taize.html] for more details.

Prayers in Taizé

Nogle minutter med bøn, sang og en bibellæsning optaget i Taizé i Frankrig. (Varighed: Omkring 10 min. Normalt indspillet et par dage før det blev lagt ud.)

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Saturday evening prayer broadcast from Taizé

Every Saturday the evening prayer from Taizé is retransmitted at 22:00 Central European Time (20:00 GMT Apr.-Oct.; 21:00 GMT Nov.-Mar.) on Domradio [], a Catholic radio station in Cologne.

The bells in Taizé

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