Information for young adults who live outside Africa

Participating in this stage of the pilgrimage of trust in Kigali is an opportunity to discover contemporary Africa, its challenges and hopes. To help the meeting to succeed, it will be good to dispose ourselves beforehand to respect and to enter into the way of life of those who will be our hosts, respecting their tradition of hospitality. This is more important than reading up information.

Widening our prayer and asking God to prepare us to recognise the treasures of humanity which are present even at the heart of very difficult situations is one practical way to begin this preparation. Taking time to meet and listen to Africans who live in your own country, and meeting with others (missionaries, volunteers, …) who have had experience of living in Africa can be a good introduction.

Pre-meeting stay:
Those who wish can come to Rwanda before the main meeting starts in order to have an opportunity share the daily life of a family, community or parish, in a village or else in a neighbourhood of Kigali.

This is also a good way to acclimatise fully to be ready to take part fully in the meeting itself without difficulties. Try and arrive on November 6 or 7 in Kigali. You will then be sent two by two to your pre-meeting welcome point.

You need to have a good capacity of adaptation. For example, everyday food is prepared from a base of potatoes, red beans, cassava paste or corn. Bananas are also abundant in Rwanda.

Passport and visa:
Depending on your nationality nationality, it is necessary to obtain a visa or an agreement for its delivery on arrival before travelling. We will send you the required invitations in September. Further information is available at:

Health recommendations:
Consult your doctor to check that you are in good health before the journey, and ask for prescriptions for basic medicine for a journey to an equatorial country (Paracetamol, skin antiseptic, eye drops, an antidiarrheal ...)
Consult a health website for travel to Africa, for example: [] [] [] (French)
and [] (French)

To guard against mosquitos, long-sleeved and long-legged clothing and repellents for exposed parts are necessary from sunset. To be sure of sleeping under a mosquito net without holes it is best to bring your own!

Health insurance which includes repatriation costs is advisable.

Kigali and Rwanda have good security and there is no particular risk travelling in the city and countryside. However, avoid attracting attention by naive or provocative behavior, by “tourist” clothing, by making phone calls in the street, or taking photos in public places.

Contribution to cover costs:
Please check the level of your contribution with Taizé.

Preparation is needed:
If you live in Europe, it is desirable that before the meeting in Kigali you come to Taizé, and participate in a preparation meeting.
Tell us if you wish to be in contact with other young people from your country or region who are preparing to attend the meeting in Kigali.

Do not book your tickets until you have made contact with Taizé and received confirmation that you can attend the meeting in Kigali. Plan your departing flight from Kigali for November 18 in the evening or November 19. Please send us details of your flights.

Registration Deadline:
before 1 October 2012 on this site [].

For all questions contact:

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