Short writings from Taizé

15. “Rooted and Built Up in Christ”

This reading of the Epistle to the Colossians starts by exploring the circumstances in which it may have been written before introducing
us to the central theme of St Paul’s letter from prison, that of Christian maturity. The apostle sets out to confront everything that could
cause his readers to doubt the fullness given to us in Christ. The Colossians, he explains, will be rooted and built up in Christ by living
in a spirit of gratitude for the gift they have received. As they do so, they will be grounded in reality, instead of pursuing mere shadows.
This fullness is the starting point from which to understand the letter’s ethical teaching.

When Paul encourages the Colossians to “Seek the things that are above”, he is not calling them to run away from earthly things
but inviting them to see everything in the light of the Resurrection.

The text published here was originally written for the leaders of World Youth Day in France when they met at Taizé in September 2010.

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Short writings from Taizé

These short texts from Taizé, written by some of the brothers, wish to offer an approach to the fundamental wellsprings of the faith. Inspired by the experience of the young adult meetings that take place around the community year after year, they examine questions that are vital for Christians today.

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