Age groups

18 to 29 years-old

throughout the year, from Sunday to Sunday!

Under 18s should bring written parental authorisation (download form) and should have someone over 18 with them during their stay.

If you want to bring a group of young adults, please see the page Bringing a group of young people.

25 to 35 years-old

in some weeks, there is a Bible reflection group specifically for 25-35 years-old age group (generally around Easter and in July and August)

15 to 17 years-old

throughout nearly the whole year, from Sunday to Sunday, as long as the nature of the meetings has been well explained to them. Check the page Dates 2024. If you come outside school holidays, check with us if there are other 15-17 year olds coming that week. We cannot welcome groups who have to come as part of a compulsory programme; it is important that the young people have freely chosen to come. Sufficient leaders over 20 years old should be included in the group.

If you wish to bring a group of young adults, please see the page Bringing a group of young people.

over 30’s and families with children

Adults over 30 and families with children under 15 are welcome at certain times of the year. Please see the page Dates 2024 and read carefully the pages concerning adults and families

Can I come just for a few days?

If you cannot manage to come from Sunday to Sunday, try and come from Thursday or Friday evening until Sunday. It takes time to enter into the rhythm of the meetings. Saturday to Sunday is too short!

Because of the annual European Meeting, Taizé is closed between December 22 and January 6. We do not receive people during this period.

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