Health Questions

Questions of health

If you are coming to take part in the youth meetings, please bring appropriate medical cover and insurance.

Young people under 18 must bring with them a completed form giving parental authorisation for them to take part in the meetings. This form names a leader as legally responsible for them during their stay and for any decisions regarding medical treatment that might be necessary.

People living within the European Union should bring their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) (if you are from the UK, see []). You will need this for the reimbursement of any medical costs.

Please make sure that your vaccinations are up to date, especially concerning measles, mumps and rubella and whooping cough, as well as booster vaccinations for tetanus and polio. If you have had an infectious disease recently, please make sure that you are no longer contagious before coming to Taizé.

If you are sick during your stay, please go at once to the first aid station in El Abiodh. A nurse is always on duty.

Printed from: - 15 September 2019
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